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Torture of Trade Unionists

Reporting on recent strikes in Iran and the torture on activists, CODIR has written:

‘A wave of strike action across the province of Khuzestan has led to the arrest and torture of leading activists.iran_bakhshi-trade unionists

Workers at the Iran National Steel plant in Ahvaz have taken strike action on several occasions over the past year, in an ongoing dispute to demand unpaid wages and the return of their factory to public ownership. They have formed solidarity links with workers at the Haft Tappeh sugarcane complex in the city of Shush, who have been on strike for more than a month over unpaid wages and alleged corruption by managers.

There are also strikes at Abadan oil refinery, the Ahvaz Metro project, and among municipal employees in Hamidiyeh.

Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei claims that the strikes are led by foreign enemies attempting to destroy the economy. But workers respond by describing Iran as “the House of Thieves – unique in the whole world”, insisting that “Our enemy is right here – they lie saying it’s America”.

On 18 November, a demonstration in Shush of 4,000 Haft Tapeh workers was attacked by security forces, and 18 prominent worker leaders were arrested. The next day, the sugarcane complex workers were joined in a solidarity rally by thousands of Ahvaz steel workers. The workers rallied in front of the governor’s office, demanding the release of the activists. Read the rest of this entry »

Workers and Teachers Protest

The Committee for the Defence of  Iranian People’s Rights (CODIR) wrote on 20th November 2018: ‘The wave of protests which has gripped Iran since demonstrations engulfed 85 cities last January are showing no sign of letting up. The protesters range from the low paid, underemployed and disenfranchised, through industrial workers in the steel and sugar industries, to professional workers such as teachers. There is no strand of Iranian society which has not been touched by the protests and the regime continues to struggle to contain nationwide discontent. Jane Green reports on current developments.protesting teachers
At the beginning of November Teachers in ran went on strike for two consecutive days across 27 major cities in Iran. The action is the second round of strikes since mid-October and is aimed at putting pressure upon the government to carry out educational reforms and end mismanagement. The teachers’ action is also protesting against low wages and the violations of the educational rights of students and minorities.
Images of the striking teachers have been widely circulated on Iranian social media, in an attempt to circumvent official reporting, which sought to play down the extent and significance of the disputes. Photographs circulated on social media showed teachers holding up posters and signs with their written demands. Read the rest of this entry »

‘Islamic Guidance’ Patrol Beats up Young Woman in Park

A video made public on social media, in recent days, shows the appalling Guidance Patroltreatment of women in the Islamic Republic of Iran during the enforcement of compulsory hejab. The video shows a group of men and women ‘Islamic Guidance’ Patrol approach a few young women in a Tehran park. As they resist the Guards a verbal altercation starts and a female guards starts beating up one of the young women. Her friends try to free her. Crying and screams of the girls is heard remonstrating with the Guards. At the end of the video one of the young women is seen collapsed on the ground with one of her friends saying that she is having problems with her heart. There is no further information about the fate of the girls.
Since coming to power, the Islamic Republic has restricted freedoms of dress, food, social gatherings and other everyday aspects of people’s life. In recent months, resistance against forced hejab has escalated in Iran. This latest incident has caused such repugnance among those who have seen the video that some in official positions have started questioning the wisdom of the function of the patrols and the way they enforce their laws. Some of the statements are cited below. Read the rest of this entry »

The Struggle in Workplaces to Eliminate Discrimination against Working Women

In recent years, the Iranian women have been persistently fighting for their violated and trampled rights in many arenas. They have street vendors in Gilan Irancampaigned against compulsory hijab (head and body covering), Retribution Bill (equal retaliation as punishment for an offence, in Islamic jurisprudence and penal law), the so-called “Family Support” bill which legalizes the lack of rights of women, child marriage, gender segregation (in schools, buses, and other public places), domestic violence and other cases of violence against women, and child abuse. The Iranian women have relentlessly fought for the equal rights in education, the right to go to sport stadiums and attend public sport events, and to defend the rights of the children. Other important struggles of the Iranian women have been in the areas such as, but not limited to, equal rights with men, equal pay for equal work, equal employment opportunity, and pension and health care services, particularly for marginalized women. Read the rest of this entry »

Iranian Women and Gender Discrimination

In recent years that the capitalist system has increasingly put the burden of its crises on the shoulders of women, we have witnessed the demo bannerdeterioration of the living and working conditions of women across the world. The owners and holders of wealth and power try to overcome and go through the crises by intensifying the exploitation of women in every aspect, but our sisters have risen all around the world and have raised their voice of protest in every possible opportunity.
The women’s struggle is not only for women, but is a struggle for all the humanity to realize a humane life, freedom, equality, and social justice. It is essential that all humans who believe in equality, freedom, and social justice join in this struggle. A society whose half of population is not free and is under various pressures and political, social, economic, and social discriminations cannot be a free and democratic society. In a society where there is no equal rights and freedom for women, the concepts of democracy and social justice are meaningless and unreal. Read the rest of this entry »

Amnesty International Call for an End to the Persecution of Women Peacefully Protesting Against the Veil

On 24th January 2018, Amnesty International published a Public Statement in which it called compulsory veiling as abusive, discriminatory and humiliating and demanded an end to the persecution of women for peacefully protesting against it. The full Woman protestor with white clothcontent of the statement is shown below.

‘The Iranian authorities must immediately and unconditionally release a woman who was arrested on 27 December 201

7 in Tehran for engaging in a peaceful protest against compulsory veiling (hijab), Amnesty International said today. The organization renewed its calls on the Iranian authorities to end the persecution of women who speak out against compulsory veiling, and abolish this discriminatory and humiliating practice. This practice has violated women’s rights in Iran for decades, including their rights to non-discrimination, freedom of belief and religion, freedom of expression, and protection from arbitrary arrests and detention, torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Read the rest of this entry »

Amnesty International on reports of protester deaths in custody

The following statements were published by Amnesty International, on 9th and 4th of January respectively, following alarming news about brutal crackdown on protesters and mounting deaths of those in custody of the regime.Unrest in Iran

‘Iran: Investigate reports of protester deaths in custody

9 January 2018, 18:04 UTC

The Iranian authorities must immediately investigate reports that at least five people have died in custody following a crackdown on anti-establishment protests, and take all necessary steps to protect detainees from torture and prevent any further deaths, Amnesty International said today.  Read the rest of this entry »

3,700 people imprisoned following recent unrest in Iran

The member of the Islamic Parliament, Mahmood Sadeghi announced that 3,700 people have been arrested during the recent unrest in Iran’s towns and cities. Sadeghi who is a member of the Education Committee of the Parliament indicated that the arrests were made by law enforcement and security forces. He said that it was not po792678_641[1]ssible to give exact figures on the number of university students detained.
According to Asre Iran, Mahmood Sadeghi said in an interview with the Khaneh Mellat news agency, that different forces had submitted differing accounts of the number of students arrested during the recent unrest to the parliament, and therefore it was not possible to state with any accuracy how many were in detention. Read the rest of this entry »

Anti-regime demonstrations in Tehran University

Despite repeated threats by the officials, on Saturday 30th December, demonstrators Demonstration-Tehran University- 30th Dec 2017gathered again in front of the Tehran University and the Enghelab (Revolution) Square, with slogans that were more directed, such as: ‘Seyed Ali (Khamene’i) have some shame, Let go of the country’, ‘Fundamentalist-Reformists, it is all over now’, ‘Honourable Iranian, Support us, Support us’. In the Enghelab Square, people chanted the slogan: ‘Death to the Dictator’. Anti-riot squads attacked the protesters in front of the University.

Demonstrations of people in Mashhad and its spread to many more cities and towns

As the life of ordinary people becomes ever more difficult due to rising prices, unpaid wages, and unemployment, their patience has been tested for too long.Mashhad demonstration 28th December 2017

On Thursday 28th December the people of Mashhad went on a march, in protest at rising prices. The protests started with the slogan ‘No to High Prices’ and ended with the intervention of the armed police and security forces and violence. Several people were arrested. Estimates put the number of protesters at Read the rest of this entry »