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Rural Women, Civil Law, Teachers and Nurses, and women’s demands

This is the second part of the May Day Greeting by MaZanan – part 1 was posted on May Day.

“Rural Women and Civil Laws
According to the Organisation of National Statistics, women account for 49.6% of the rural population of 25.5 million. Iranian women have a top role in sections of Iran’s agriculture, which is known to be an arduous field of work, with much associawomen teachers protestted health risk. In addition, these women are engaged in housework, child rearing, looking after the elderly, the daily agricultural work, looking after cattle, forestry, dairy production, rural and handicraft production, weaving rugs, carpets, making thread, harvesting silk, collecting firewood, looking after chickens and poultry, beekeeping and the like. Like their male counterpart, women workers in agriculture do not enjoy any social insurance cover, and long hours of hard work in fields and rice fields threaten their health. It is important to mention that according to the leader of the Islamic Labour Council in the northern province of Gilan, 60% of the province’s agricultural work is carried out by women. Read the rest of this entry »

Appeal by the Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women to the WIDF

Following the spate of organised acid attacks against women in the City of Isfahan and the arrest of women who have protested against these KHODSARinhumane and violent crimes, the Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women has written to the Women’s International Democratic Federation and appealed for international solidarity with the women of Iran at a difficult time in their struggle. The text of the appeal reads as follows: ”The Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women conveys its greetings to the leadership and esteemed members of the Women’s International Read the rest of this entry »