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Demonstrations of people in Mashhad and its spread to many more cities and towns

As the life of ordinary people becomes ever more difficult due to rising prices, unpaid wages, and unemployment, their patience has been tested for too long.Mashhad demonstration 28th December 2017

On Thursday 28th December the people of Mashhad went on a march, in protest at rising prices. The protests started with the slogan ‘No to High Prices’ and ended with the intervention of the armed police and security forces and violence. Several people were arrested. Estimates put the number of protesters at anything between several hundred to several thousand. Their slogans included: ‘Death to the Dictator’, ‘Death to Rouhani’, ‘You use Islam to make the nation desperate’, ‘Police go catch the thieves’, ‘Our nation is aware, it is fed up of (state) theft’, ‘(people) Don’t fear, don’t fear, we are all together (in solidarity)’. Security forces tried to disperse the crowd by the use of water cannons and tear gas. The protesters who were predominantly young, retaliated by throwing stones at the anti-riot squads.

In similar demonstrations in the cities of Kashmar and Neishabur people shouted slogans against rising prices and unemployment. In Neishabur people chanted: ‘Rise the Iranian Youth, Rise’, and ‘The thief plunders, the state protects him’, ‘let go of Syria, think about us’.

Mohammad Rahim Noroozian suggested that a number of people who had intended to damage public property had been arrested, but gave no numbers.

MaZanan 29.12.2017

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