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3,700 people imprisoned following recent unrest in Iran

The member of the Islamic Parliament, Mahmood Sadeghi announced that 3,700 people have been arrested during the recent unrest in Iran’s towns and cities. Sadeghi who is a member of the Education Committee of the Parliament indicated that the arrests were made by law enforcement and security forces. He said that it was not po792678_641[1]ssible to give exact figures on the number of university students detained.
According to Asre Iran, Mahmood Sadeghi said in an interview with the Khaneh Mellat news agency, that different forces had submitted differing accounts of the number of students arrested during the recent unrest to the parliament, and therefore it was not possible to state with any accuracy how many were in detention.
The member of parliament for Tehran, Rey, Shemiranat, EslamShahr and Pardis put the number at 3,700 across the country. He added that according to reports from the security and law enforcement forces, the number of students is estimated at around 40-68, and as many of them are released, their numbers are dropping.
He added: With some detainees, it is not clear in a list issued by the Ministries of Intelligence, Homeland, and Science, which department has arrested them, the security forces or the police, so that their families are no longer in the dark.
MaZanan 10.01.2018

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