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Simin Behbahani People’s Poet and Activist Died

Simin Khalili, also known as Simin Behbahani, writer, poet and one of the founders of the Campaign of One Million Signatures and an avid supporter of the women’s siminbehbahanimovement in Iran, died on 19th August 2014 of heart and lung failure. She was born 0n 20th July 1927 in a literary family. Her mother, Fakhre Ozma Arghoon was a progressive poet and her fater Abbas Khalili was a writer and poet too. Simin married Hassan Behbahani when after divorce, she married a second time with Manoochehr Kooshiar she kept the surname.
Behbahani entered the Law School in 1958 and was engaged in teaching since 1951.
In 1969, Simin Behbahani became a member of the Council of Poetry and Music, and from 1979 was a member of the Writers’ Association of Iran. The Association which denounced violations of human rights, particularly in the aftermath of the Presidential elections of 2009, and demanded the freedom of those arrested.
Simin Behbahani was one a steadfast supporter of women’s movement and despite her ill health in latter years, she continued to take part in street demonstrations, and faced the violence by the regime’s henchmen. In 8th March 2010, after AhmadiNejad’s election coup d’etat, as she was about to leave for Paris on the occasion of International Women’s Day, at the invitation of the City Council, she was banned from leaving the country by the Islamic Republic.
Simin Behbahani has left behind an impressive body of work, among them her poems of 1981 titled: “I’ll build you up again, my homeland”. Her death is a sad loss for the women’s movement and the people of Iran.
MaZanan 8th August 2014

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