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Violence and Iranian Women – On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

On 25th November the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women condemn the daily violence against women, in their homes and families, in the city streets, places of work and society, the violence


that is institutionalised and is perpetrated both individually and collectively.

We demand an end to the violence against women and demand a change to the laws, and to the cultural and educational background that give rise to it., with the help of lawyers and experts in the field of women’s rights.

We list some of what is practiced in Iran today and constitute violence against women.
You are subjected to violence when:
You are prevented to choose the educational or career path of your choice simply because you are a women;
Your right to seek employment is dependent on the decision of your husband;zananedastforosh-300x200 The hours you are allowed to work are restricted because you are a woman;
You are prevented from working night shift because of your gender;You will not be offered middle and top management roles in the City Council, because you are a woman;
You are restricted or prevented from entering domestic or international sports venues as a spectator because you are a woman; being arrested and imprisoned for having done so, is violence against women;
You are restricted or prevented from taking part in domestic or international sports tournaments;
Your clothes and appearance are monitored and controlled by the state and its security forces;
You are prevented as a mother to have custody of, or even to see your child in case of divorce;
You are threatened with divorce (and little rights);
You do not have equal rights as men;
As head of the household, you do not have the same rights as a male head of household;
You are at the risk of having acid thrown on your face, and are threatened with such attack;jz-bikari-zanan1 You are arrested and imprisoned when you protest against acid attacks against women;
You do not have the right to ask for divorce, in case of separation;
You need to have permission of a man to leave the house;
You are forced to have a baby even when you do not want one;
You have to have your husband’s permission before you can take up employment and seek financial independence;
Your continuation of education depends on permission from a male ‘guardian’;
You may travel only with your father’s written permission (if you are single) and with the husband’s written permission (if married);
Your adopted daughter may be taken for a wife, by your husband – at the same time as outrageous violence to child;
You earn less than men for equal work;
You are subjected to sexual harassment and have no recourse to justice, in order to keep your job;
You have to be married in order to be eligible for membership of the University’s Management;
You are at risk of being imprisoned and tortured for your political leaning, ethnicity, religion, or nationality;
You have restrictions on whether you may sing or play music;
Your testimony will be considered as half that of a man, in the court of law;
Your inheritance as a female heir is half that of a male heir;
Your inheritance in the case of the death of your husband, will be ¼ if you do not have children, and 1/8 if you do have children;
You are subjected to forced marriage;
You have to undergo invasive surgery in order to define your sexuality;
You are subjected to groping and verbal abuse in public places;
Your laughter in public is construed as worthlessness and lack of decency;
Your body is under the control of the men guardians in the family and the state structures and legalises this control;
You are at risk of being subjected to Female Genital Mutilation if you live in the provinces of Kurdistan, Fars, Khuzestan, Azerbaijan and Sistan;
You are not supported by the state when you suffer physical violence;
You are not considered to have sexuality;
You are interrupted in your speech, ridiculed and referred to as talkative;
Your husband ignores you and does not talk to you;
You are forced to have unwanted sex and sex acts in marriage;
You are accused of being against men, when you defend your rights as a woman;
You cannot dress in the way you choose;
You are disrespected because you have given birth to girls;
You are humiliated because of the scale of your dowry;
You are seen as the cause of verbal, psychological and physical violence and rape;
You have to worry about what you wear before leaving the house, for fear of being subjected to violence and questioning by the security forces and the ‘preventers of deviation from religious teaching’;
You are segregated in public places;
You are portrayed on Radio and Television only in roles in the kitchen, cleaning the house, looking after children and the elderly;
Your role as a woman is absent on Radio and TV which are dedicated to paternalistic culture, literature and customs;
Your body is viewed as a commodity for sale and trade;
It is violence against women when there is little support for a woman to feed her children and keep a roof over their head. When a woman is forced into prostitution in order to survive, she faces the wrath of the law in a country where prostitution is illegal;
It is violence against women when men consider physical violence against women as something natural;
It is violence against women when men have the right to control their social contacts and their appearance;
It is violence against women when they are followed by men of the family, when they leave the house;
It is violence against women when they are ridiculed when they remain unmarried, or if they get married at a later stage in their lives;
It is violence against women that they are expected to be virgins at the time of marriage while their husband is expected to have been sexually experienced;
It is violence against women when a divorced woman is not considered a respected citizen;
It is violence against women when lone women are excluded from the society;
It is violence against women when respect for individual rights and freedoms is deemed to be a sign of weakness for a man’
It is violence against women when those women who protest against inequality in the fields of education, culture, economy, society and politics are persecuted, arrested and imprisoned.

MaZanan 25th November 2014

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