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Mass dismissal of Women Workers in Iran

Based on the official statistics, 43 thousand women have been laid off recently while on maternity leave. The dismissal of these 43 thousand women has been officially endorsed and confirmed and as such has put the job security of working women at risk. Given the prevailing conditions women wave their right, and avoid taking maternity leave.1074861_794-1-e1476481840104
The mass dismissal of women who are in employment is happening at a time when, according to the Managing Director of the Organization of Small Industries and the Industrial Parks of Iran, there are 88,000 licensed industries in Iran, about 90 percent of which are considered small enterprises with fewer than 50 employees, and 4,500 are considered medium-sized, which employ 50 to 100 employees. Women form at least 10-20 percent of the workforce of these workplaces and another 2.8 million registered commercial units across the country.
These figures paint a clear picture of the depth of lawlessness and discrimination against women, and the poverty and hardship that women in blue and white collar jobs face because of the misogynistic and anti-worker policies of the regime.
Maternity leave is one of the inalienable rights of working women. Women have other demands too, among them are: equal pay for equal work, an end to sex discrimination in employment, recognition of women’s right and freedom to choose what to wear, the recognition of women’s right for paid maternity leave before and after childbirth.
Membership of trade unions and fighting for the above demands are among the most important responsibilities of women workers and the trade union movement in our country. Women are an inseparable part of the labour-union movement in the struggle to achieve their trade union rights.
MaZanan 22.12.2016

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