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MaZanan (We, Women) resumed publication in 2010 following a brief interruption due to technical difficulties. MaZanan, aims to cover women’s issues as reflected a wide range of sources including government sources. It highlights problems facing women who, as workers, peasants, heads of household, homemakers (housewives), office workers, face exploitation, inequality and discrimination imbedded in the country’s misogynistic civil and social laws, and carry an additional burden by the virtue of being women. MaZanan aims to expose the misogynistic laws in Iran and to play a part in the advancement of the struggle of women by raising awareness through articles that cover the experience and struggle of women worldwide.

In addition, MaZanan reports on the liberation struggle of Iranian people in the prisons of the regime, the resistance of women political prisoners and their families who continue to play an effective role in exposing the regime’s atrocities. We consider the struggle for human rights, rights of children and environmental issues to be inseparable from the general struggle of women.

MaZanan believes that women’s movement must be strengthened evermore, while at the same time stressing on importance of united action and focus on common ground between it and the current anti-dictatorial struggle of the people.

Translated excerpts from MaZanan (Farsi)


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